A Holiday In Liverpool Filled With Fun

in Liverpool

If you are looking for a holiday to Liverpool for fun and excitement, you will want to stop at Knowsley Safari Park. There is over five miles of dirt road to travel and see so many animals in the wild. You will see rhinos, camels, giraffes, monkeys, elephants, tigers and lions. The elephant population has exploded and these big beasts are kept from other areas of the park by an electric fence so they do not eat up everything in sight. You will have a great adventure on the safari tour. It is fun, exciting and sometimes a little scary.

Next, you should experience a ride on the Yellow Duck Marine. This is a fun ride with spraying water and laughs for all to enjoy. This is a yellow bus that floats you around the water to see the sites of the city. The tour is on water and part of it is on land. Yes, the yellow bus is water and land worthy. The tour is fun and everyone has a great time. Another amazing experience is the Williamson Tunnels. An entire kingdom awaits you when you enter the underground tunnels. Even the most skeptical person will enjoy this one adventure.

The beauty of Liverpool is seen everywhere. The Merseyside Maritime Museum is on the list of things to see. A holiday in Liverpool would not be complete until you see the exhibits and understand everything about the area. Then you have the clubbing, comedy shows, restaurants, theatre and music to take in while you visit. Bumper is a great little pub with a DJ playing music from Blondie to Bowe. You will enjoy the music and the atmosphere. The Tivoli Nightclub is a hotspot with the locals and visitors. They have a DJ providing some music from every gene you could want.

A holiday in Liverpool would not be complete without a tour of the Cains Brewery. The tour ends with a light buffet and some incredible samples of the best ale you have ever tasted. The tour is impressive, but the finished product is what you will enjoy. The ale is distributed throughout Liverpool and surrounding areas. The people will tell you that the best ale to taste and buy is Cains. They should know since they have so many places to go and get a cold pint of Cains ale that they always have enough on hand for fun and entertaining.

You will find many things to do and see in Liverpool. You should take some time to relax and enjoy some of the fine cuisine offered at many of the restaurants in the area. The foods are pleasing and the hosts are very helpful and polite. They will help you with your selections and even the chef at some restaurants will come out, say hi to you, and see how you like your dinner. They do know how to treat visitors and make you feel at home. You will enjoy your trip to Liverpool anytime of the year.

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A Holiday In Liverpool Filled With Fun

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This article was published on 2010/01/28