Liverpool-a metropolitan city in England

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When you hear of Liverpool, the first thing that would come to your mind would be the famous, Liverpool football team of the English Premier League. However, Liverpool is not just a football team, it is one the important metropolitan cities in England.


In fact, it is the seventh largest city of Britain. The city first founded in year 1207 is located on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary in the North West England. It is one of the major port cities of England and it contributes to almost 40% of the country's trade. The city has a great historical significance and a large number of tourists visit the city.


The cathedral church of Christ is a major tourist attraction of the city. This Gothic styled Anglican cathedral is the fifth tallest cathedral in the world and the tallest in Britain. It took more than 6 decades to build this church and the cathedral offers very different, ancient view from the other cathedrals, which are ultra modern. A question based on this monument would definitely find its place in a Liverpool Quiz.


It would be an incomplete talk about Liverpool Quiz without the mentioning the Liverpool football club.


Some of the other questions that you may come across in a Liverpool quiz are listed below along with their answers:


What are the inhabitants of Liverpool known as? - Liverpudlians, Scousers


When did Liverpool got the status of city? - In 1870


Liverpool is the birthplace of which famous music band? - Beatles


When did the work of the Cathedral Church of Christ Began and when did it end? - It began in year 1908 and ended in year 1974


Which is Britain's tallest cathedral? - The Cathedral church of Christ.


How many areas do the Maritime Mercantile city consists of? - 6 Areas.


Which are the two famous football clubs from Liverpool? - Liverpool FC and Everton.


How many times has Liverpool won the European cup? - 5 times.


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Liverpool-a metropolitan city in England

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This article was published on 2010/03/16