Liverpool Juventus Player Brewing

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This is the former Juventus and Liverpool with the Soccer Jersey in the Champions League now appears closer and closer to a deep antagonists. Twice in recent years, the flow of players the club will sit down again in the winter market, in addition to the formal transfer to discuss the issue of Aquilani, the two sides explored the possibility of exchange of players. Amauri, Babel, Johnson and Agnes are the players involved in the negotiations, even before the Juve President Branko also defected to the Red Army with the English Premier League Soccer Jersey in the future. Juventus and Liverpool is a pair of lovers who become rivals of the giants of traditional Yinhaiseer tragedy. However, this time it was then, with the league in which the domain eroded in recent years, the relationship between the two clubs appears to be improving gradually, the players repeat a lot of them even become a "strategic alliance" meaning. Sissoko transfer and Paulson in two operations, the Bianconeri last summer of the Red Army and the introduction of Aquilani, and in the latter half of the season in the league, former Roma with the Liverpool FC Soccer Club Jersey player has become a Juve or even in the Field Commander, with Liverpool also had the opportunity of a sick sense out of the load.
Now it seems that from the transaction tasted the sweetness of both clubs and players negotiated a new round of beer. According to local media in Turin, "Turin Sports Daily" reported that the Juventus general manager Ma Luoto very Wizard For Krstic in the next period of time in Liverpool for a meeting, President Ke Moli. Expressed on many of the media, executives of both clubs in the talks focused on the problem of acquisition amount Aquilani. Aquilani is currently on loan in the form of joining Juventus, according to the agreement; Juve will be the end of the season in 1600 euros at the hands of Liverpool officials bought the player. However, Juventus seems to think that this figure is too high, and we hope that this negotiation process, this cost will be reduced to 1,300 million euros. However, today, "Turin Sports Daily" has revealed that the purchase Aquilani The only problem is that the two clubs as part of the contents of the talks. Luoto Ma intends to change the Red Army player team striker Amauri Babel, Agger Johnson and one. As we all know, the two clubs this season, ranking in the league so far is not satisfactory, in which the Red Army side striker Fernando Torres in Liverpool Shirt Soccer is just a failure, and the Juve squad thick enough to support the team for achieve the objective of the impact of league title, left midfield, right back and the guard will strengthen the position of the Turin giants.
But the two clubs appear to be limited to movements of the players. "Turin Sports Daily," and even said that Ewing has served as President of French Club, White is also possible to change the Red Army in the future, the Red Army to continue his career as a coach. Although White's work in transferring more than in recent years have defects, however, the organization and planning of the race the Tour de France is an expert in economic work. Juve return to Serie A after a few years, the economic work in the club to get a great harvest, White is the result of the efforts. The upcoming completion of the new stadium is the accomplishments of the French.

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Liverpool Juventus Player Brewing

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This article was published on 2011/01/12