Liverpool to sign Asian players

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Liverpool's main sponsor Standard Chartered Bank calls for the introduction of a number of Asian players the Red Army in order to promote their business in Asia and enhance their visibility.Standard Chartered Bank is the official start of the season to replace Carlsberg as shirt sponsor of Liverpool, Liverpool, Standard Chartered Bank signed a 4 year contract, it is understood that this contract worth up Soccer Jersey to £ 80,000,000, is the capital since the history of Liverpool Football Club the largest amount of business transactions. That is when the race to 51 minutes, Blackpool player forward pass, DJ-Campbell to form a single-pole ball forward runs trend, this time chose the brave German attack, but this time he apparently failed, not only did not pick the ball from the foot to the other side, also sprang Campbell, followed by Taylor Fletcher restricted the right make up She network. At that time the situation from the point of view, has been holding two goals for Arsenal for the lead, lost a ball in fact is not terrible, terrible is this reckless Lehmann a flutter, is likely to result in a penalty + red card the tragiCristiano ending. If not, then Fletcher scored the ball, I am afraid that when the value of referee would not hesitate to make a penalty red card penalty.

Although the headquarters of Standard Chartered Bank in London, but they most of the income is mainly from the Asian markets, Standard Chartered Bank head of public affairs through the Liverpool Luo Jiaxun want to enhance their influence in Asia. Luo Jiaxun said: "A player from an area will cause all of the attention in this area. If there is one player in the Premiership there in Dubai, Premier League Jersey, then Dubai will be the focus."

Despite Liverpool's poor performance this season, was ranked River location, but also through the replacement of the boss's storm, but this is contrary to the Standard Chartered Bank is a good thing, because many problems that became the focus of Liverpool, and this increases the exposure of Standard Chartered Bank opportunities, Luo Jiaxun good that even if Liverpool Champions League, that does not matter. Carried out because of this Liverpool Jersey tournament, the Asian Most people are sleeping.

Standard Chartered Bank's point of view would be difficult to get recognition of the Red Army fans, but as a business partner of Liverpool, Standard Chartered Bank will naturally not to care about the achievements of Liverpool, they will only care about their own interests, so Liverpool will accept their views to the introduction of Asian players is still unknown.On Liverpool manager issue, Luo Jiaxun said he hoped to continue coaching Dalglish. This view should be able to get the support of fans, the Red Army, the King returns to Liverpool after a proven track record, Torres Jersey so Dalglish to coach should make most people satisfied.In fact, the introduction of Liverpool players they will be good for Asia, which also can increase the visibility of the Red Army in Asia, but not every player in Asia can be as successful as Manchester United's Park Ji-sung, if only when the introduction of a substitute player in Asia , then the effects are not satisfactory.

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Liverpool to sign Asian players

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This article was published on 2011/04/13