The History of Liverpool FC

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Liverpool FC is known as one of the best Premier League football teams in the UK. It currently shares a joint accolade as being the most successful team in UK football, a title it shares with Manchester United, and has won the Premier League an impressive 18 times over its many years of existence.

However, Liverpool wasn't always as highly regarded as it is today, which only makes sense given how the team has been in existence for over one hundred years! Liverpool was founded in 1892 and was actually massively successful between the years 1900 and 1947, where it won five league championships before being demoted to the Second Division during the 50s. This was when things were a little difficult for Liverpool, and it took them nearly a decade to get back into the Premier League. This event took place when a new manager was appointed, Bill Shankly, who is remembered as one of the UK's most respected football managers - and was also reputed to be an excellent player himself!

Under the direction of Shankly, Liverpool burst from the bottom of the Second Division back into the Premier League and went on to win two FA cups, three League Championship titles, and the club's first ever European trophy, a UEFA cup. Following this, Liverpool only continued to grow into a yet more successful club, gaining following from across the country as more and more people became interested in the team's efforts.

Unfortunately, that isn't the end of the hard times for Liverpool. Two events in the club's history have made them infamous. These events are known as the Heysel Stadium disaster, where thirty nine Juventus fans were killed by a collapsing wall whilst on the run from charging Liverpool fans, and the Hillsborough Disaster, which occurred four years later in 1989 and involved the deaths of almost one hundred Liverpool fans in a human crush that pressed against perimeter fencing.

In spite of these tragedies, Liverpool still remains one of the country's most popular and successful football clubs, though the events that took place at Heysel Stadium and Hillsborough are certainly not to be forgotten. The club today is awaiting a move to a new 72,000 seater stadium in Stanley Park which is set to take place in 2014 - which certainly sounds as it may be capable of holding the club's thousands of fans.

Until the move, fans can see the team play at current home ground Anfield stadium whilst staying in nearby Liverpool hotels in order to support their favourite team fight for yet another title!

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The History of Liverpool FC

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This article was published on 2010/09/07