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If Liverpool is your favourite football team, certainly you don't forget to visit one of Liverpool's most exciting attractions - Anfield stadium. This article will share you some information about the stadium of this enigmatic city.


Anfield stadium has been the home of Liverpool FC since the club first began. Built in 1884, the stadium first housed Everton FC until a dispute drove the club away. Then, in 1892, Liverpool was born and snapped up the stadium as its new training ground.


Visiting Anfield is something every Liverpool fan ought to do at least once, and if you're going to be in town on business or a holiday, it's a great excuse to make the pilgrimage during your stay. With over a century of Liverpool's victories and defeats taking place within its grounds, Anfield is the true Liverpool fan's holy ground.


What's more, with plans for a new, higher-capacity stadium to be built nearby that will replace Anfield, there's only so much time fans have to visit it before Liverpool moves on. Thankfully, the club is set to remain at Anfield for at least a few more years, so don't panic too much if you're not visiting the city yet!


Anfield is comprised of four stands which give the stadium a capacity of 45,276, although the highest ever recorded attendance at the stadium is 61,905 - a significant amount higher than the stadium's current capacity. This record high took place in 1952 during a match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers, though the reason so many people attended is because the stadium used to include standing space as well as seating, and the change to all-seater space meant there was less room to squeeze extra football fans in.


Even if you're not a Liverpool fan, it isn't hard to see the significance of Anfield in the world of football. Over the years, Anfield has played home to many international matches, and has also hosted the England team during their games against other countries, an honor that not all football stadiums can claim.


Anfield stadium is a great location to visit, especially when there's a game on. Whether you're visiting Anfield because of Liverpool or England - or for the visiting team, if you're heading to a match - you can be sure you'll return to your hotels in Liverpool feeling satisfied of a great day out.


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Visit Anfield stadium - Liverpool

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This article was published on 2010/08/21